Tuesday, June 2, 2009

They affected the character because they can't even go to the market and by food because they are poor or even the hospital.Because they are using used stuff and bugs keep getting on the bed and biting them and they have no money for the twins to go to the hospital.First of all i would think before i do anything with Mr.Drunk my so called husband And if she is poor she should not even think about having sex. what the father did wrong was that he kept on getting drunk and buying beers when he is suppost to be buying his family food and clothes.

Because the father keep on buying beers and other types of liquor when he can buy food and clothes or maybe he can save buy furniture but no he go to the bar and drink.The father should stop buying liquor and buy things for his family.Yes but he lives in a shelter.Yes it is worse in Ireland because in America do you walk around and see people in ripped up nasty dirty stinkin clothes you do but not a lot.

The poverty in America is different because you don't walk around and see people droping on the floors from being drunk begging you do but not anymore like be for real.The advice i will give to the family is that tell the father stop drinking and buying liquor and save your mob=ney and buy food or furniture.

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