Tuesday, May 5, 2009

shanette johnson

Is Steve Harmon innocent or guilty?
I feel that he is innocent because every person they call up to speak they all lied and got caught.I think that he was in the store buying something and then he was leaving the store king ask him is there anybody in there he said no so then Steve was leaving and what ever happen happen but i know that Steve is innocent.Yes i do think Steve knows him but he don't hang out with him like that.Because hes hanging out with the wrong people or group.

They can influence us by saying oh this person was with us and they really was not and then that person gets arrested and they don't that's why you have to watch out with the type of people you hang out with. All Steve did was answer there question and there question was is there any cops in there Steve said no and went home. No but one of my friends did. Because you can know a person for like 7 years and y'all stop talking and then next year she will call you and be like hey and y'all start hanging out again and she will get her self in trouble with her mom and she Will say oh Shanette was there two and her mom will call your mom and you will get in trouble.How do you think Steve's lawyer, O'Brien, feels about Steve's choice of friends? She thinks that he needs to stop hanging around bad influences and boy who will get them self in trouble and you two.

He is negatively being influenced by his friends.Look at your character chart. Nothing because Steve is a good boy and the other ones are bad as ever.Steve could control his self and do good things but if hes with a group he probably do something bad and get in trouble then he will think about it and say to him self damn now i understand what miss O'Brien be talking about.Steve wants to be like James king because he thinks James king is Ode tuff and he wants to be tuff just like James so now hes with the wrong crew now.

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