Monday, April 27, 2009

Look at today's Do Now, do you feel racism still exists? In what ways does racism exists? Have you ever experienced racism? In what ways have you experienced racism? Does Steve Harmon experience Racism? Yes i still think racism still exists.Like black jokes and the way people talk about black people.Yes i have experienced racism well not to me but to my friend.Like when me and my friend is going to the park and boys are trying to talk to her and she is darker than me and she does not say nothing we keep walking and they called her midnight and every body keeps calling her that and she is tired of it.Yes Steve Harmon experience racism.

Do you think there is racism in our country's court system? Can a minority get a fair trial? Why or why not? Do you think Steve Harmon will get a fair trial? Why? Why Not? How do you think O'Brien feels about the Jury they selected for Steve's trail?
Yes because Steve Harmon is black and he's on trial and as soon as the jury seen him they said he is guilty.And i don't think he is going to get a fair trial because the jury is like he killed the guy who own the store.I think she thinks its not fair.

Why do you feel some people think that our country's court systems are racist? Why do you feel there are more black men in jail than college?I feel that our country courts systems are racist because Steve Harmon is black and they already thinks he killed someone at least take him to the side and ask him everything that happen. And i think black men are mostly in jail because they just walk down a block with a group of people and say all of them are white and there is only one person that is dark they immediately go after the darkest person there and they at least 16 and that's why they don't make it.