Wednesday, March 11, 2009

When i'm alone and When i'm not alone

my self-portrait poem
by:shanette johnson

MAY 8,2008

when I'm not alone

i love sunny weather hence I'm born in the summer.
i like blue nose pit-bull hence they are just like me hence we both are aggressive.
i love fried food hence i love everything spicy and crunchy.
i love Virginia hence i feel free when I'm over there but when I'm in New York i feel like I'm in jail.
I love to dance to any kind of music Spanish,English and so on .
my favorite color is blue it reminds me of the sky and when i think of the sky i think of happiness.

when I'm alone
i am like a guitar hence i love the tunes it play like rock music.
i love humming birds since i was little girl hence all of the princess's been singing with them.
i am the season of the year (summer) hence of august 12 my birthday.
i love Honda's hence my aunt always drive me in the Honda since i was like 7 until now and it haves a navigation system in it so we could know where we are going in the night time.

i love Junie b. Jones book hence man she makes the best book well to me she does every thing that happened to her it happened to me.

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